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The Fine Arts Company came to fruition after visiting Art Fairs and local galleries in various parts of the country. In these travels, we discovered many incredibly talented artists who loved to create art and had a passion to create something truly one-of-a-kind and wonderful, but didn’t know how to market their art outside their community. We saw this as an issue, because their art needed to be shared and appreciated with people everywhere. From there our focus was to find Artists who designed beautiful yet functional pieces, the kind of things you wouldn’t find in a mall or big box stores. To do this, we started out by finding local artists in Rochester, NY.

We talked to them, met them in their studios, talked about how and why they did what they did. We found it to be very exciting, because they truly love what they do and that passion is infectious. It was inspirational to see the excitement they have, and the apprecition artists have for other artists.

We meet with every artist we represent and work to establish a relationship with them. If we’re in an area where we know one of our artists lives or works, we’ll stop by and say hello and see what new things they’re working on or experimenting with.

We love our products and the people who make them. We hope it shows by providing you as much information as we can on our Website. We hope you’ll find the same excitement with these products and we welcome any questions or concerns you have. We will only sell products made in the USA (sorry Canada). We do this, because we want to show what talented Americans are out there and help the economy while we’re at it!

We’re always looking for new talent and emerging artists, so we can provide you with the freshest new works and

To all of you, from all of us at The Fine Arts Company,

Thank you for visiting us.

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